blood bag labelling


Blood bags and IV bags need specialist labels with robust product performance and extensive adhesive safety testing.  They must withstand the extreme storage temperatures, moisture and autoclave sterilisation processes. The labels must remain in place on a non-standard and moving surface with vital data still readable and codes that scan successfully.

CV Labels is one of the leaders in this field, manufacturing thousands of blood and IV bag labels to the PS9000 standard every month, for distribution around the globe.

Our blood and IV bag labels are migration-proof, use specialist inks that withstand the multiple processing protocols of the end-user, and will flex with the surface of the bag.  They have a very high initial tac, bonding successfully to warm or very cold flexible surfaces.  The excellent long-term level of adhesive ensures the labels remain securely fixed for the life of the bag. All adhesives used have undergone biological reactivity and haemolytic testing.

Our labels offer the security and assured quality needed for such a vital product.

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