Blood Bag and IV Bag Labelling Solutions

Blood and IV bags need specialist labels with robust product performance and extensive adhesive safety testing.  They must withstand extreme storage temperatures, moisture, and intensive sterilisation processes. The labels must flex with the moving surface of the bag, even whilst frozen, and remain firmly in place, with vital data still readable and codes that scan successfully.

CV Labels is one of the leaders in this field, manufacturing thousands of blood and IV bag labels to the PS9000 standard every month, for distribution around the globe. Our labels offer the security and assured quality needed for such a vital product.

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Considerations when developing a blood or IV bag label:

  • Aggressive adhesive is needed to withstand all conditions that the bag will encounter (autoclave, freezer, warming bath etc)

  • Clarity and quality of print – must be waterproof and withstand the appropriate sterilisation method

  • Inspection of print quality and inspection of accuracy against original artwork

  • Blood bags are often stored in tightly-packed stacks before use. Print must not transfer or smudge

  • Unsightly adhesive and ink transfer can be mistaken for contamination of the bag contents, so ensure the adhesive is clear and inks are robust

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Key Features of CV Labels Bloodbag / IU Labelling

Manufactured to PS9000

Regular customer audits

Part or fully printed

Quality checked with our FleyeVision camera systems

PVC Free

Extensively-tested materials

Robust specialist inks

Migration Proof material