Cold Chain and Cryogenic Storage Labels

Labels for cryogenic storage must withstand extreme freezing temperatures. Our cold chain solution labels have been developed to withstand deep freeze, vapour, and liquid nitrogen storage. Our cryogenic labels can be directly immersed in liquid nitrogen at -196°C without risk of delamination.

All our highly durable polypropylene and polyester labels are suitable for thermal over-printing with batch data and variable information. Please ask us about specialist ribbons for the best outcome. We also offer fully printed labels, developed especially for your product, exactly to size.

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Considerations when developing a cold chain or cryogenic storage label:

  • Size of product

  • Temperature of application as well as storage

  • Very high initial tack may be required

  • Consider migration-safe material

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Key Features of CV Labels Bloodbag / IU Labelling

Manufactured to PS9000

Regular customer audits

Part or fully printed

Quality checked with our FleyeVision camera systems

Thorough trialling

Extensively-tested materials

Bespoke development

Strict change control procedures