Frangible / Destructible

Frangible material, sometimes called ‘destructible’ material, comprises of a permanent adhesive with a very high initial tack combined with an incredibly thin PVC or PE face material. It breaks into tiny fragments like eggshell when tampered with. Clean removal from a carton is not possible with this material, which is why it is recommended for FMD labels in the pharmaceutical industry. A frangible label cannot be removed in one piece and re-used on another carton. As this material is technically challenging to work with, trust CV and our extensive experience to find the right solution for you.

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Considerations when developing a frangible label:

  • Specialist or adjusted die cutters may be needed

  • Testing on the correct material is highly recommended – we can supply a trial

  • Consider a high resolution of thermal overprint and full resin ribbon to ensure best print

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