Sterilisation Indication Labels

Medical devices and instruments, and other products for use in sterile environments such as operating theatres need strict assurance of sterilisation as per ISO 11140-1.

We offer a vast range of labels used for indicating sterilisation. Our specialist indicator inks change colour when exposed to Gamma, ETO, E-beam, autoclave and steam sterilisation. Our permanent labels withstand the many processes involved and are independently tested for assurance. Developed to your exact needs, our labels report successful sterilisation.

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Considerations when developing a Sterilisation Indication label:

  • Method of sterilisation and dosage – ensure the correct specialist ink is used

  • Temperature of application and storage – specialist material may be needed

  • Trials and testing – a sample roll can be supplied for these purposes

  • Design clarity – let our studio advise

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Key Features of CV Labels Sterilisation Indication Labels 

Manufactured to PS9000

Regular customer audits

Part or fully printed

Quality checked with our FleyeVision camera systems

Extensively tested materials

Robust specialist inks

Bespoke development

Design clarity, let our studio advise