Solution Provider

CV Labels has an outstanding track record as a solution provider of high quality labels to meet the exacting standards of the pharmaceutical, medical and healthcare markets. We understand that labelling is not always straightforward, and there are many critical factors to consider.

As a solution provider we can give you assistance in the identification of these critical factors, and in particular which type of label would be the most suitable for not just your needs, but those of your customers as well.

These include a wide variety of substrates, the challenges of size and contours, a range of environments – from heat and steam to cold and ice – along with strict legislative requirements.

Our team will work closely with you to understand your requirements and provide professional labelling solutions,no matter how stringent your standards or how challenging your performance requirements.

Substrates vary for each application and can include everything from cardboard and glass to plastics such as DPE, PET, PP and PVC – each with its own physical properties.

Drugs and medical products often have to endure extreme conditions, such as steam sterilisation or cryogenic storage, and we will work with you to ensure you always have a safe, stable labelling solution.