CV Labels have recently invested in a new Flexographic Plate Cleaner.

The Flexographic Plate Cleaner System moderately brushes the entire plate surface. It does this by using the correct pressure, cleaning solution and time necessary. The plate is then dried effectively, ready for storage and reuse.

Plates are automatically transported into the processor by soft-touch transfer rollers. The machines process includes cleaning by brush action, rinsing and drying.

Machine Features Include:

  • PLC Controlled Electronics
  • Stainless Steel tank construction
  • Automatic water replenishment system
  • Scratch and dust resistant paint finish

Cleaning solution is held within a tank and heated to the appropriate working temperature. The system incorporates recycling and filtration of the waste solution for optimum economy of use.

Cleaning and maintenance is a key factor in extending the life of your plates. Proper plate care greatly improves the print quality and useful lifetime of printing plates as well as reducing costs. Plates should be cleaned correctly and immediately after use – if neglected, cleaned incorrectly or improperly dried prior to storage, they can stick to each other and develop cracks.

Effective cleaning requires suitable brushing using the correct brush type and the correct amount of pressure, along with a compatible wash solution to loosen and remove ink deposits.

With the investment in this new technology, you can assured that the printing quality of these plates are maintained over a longer period of time and the lifetime of these plates are also maximised to give you more value for money.