Welcome to our new series of newsletters promoting some of the specialist labels we can supply from our PS9000 accredited facility. We pride ourselves in our technical knowledge and have over 30 years’ experience. We work with our valued customers as trusted partners to find just the right solution. Over the coming months we will be highlighting several specialist products that we supply. Frangible

Frangible Labels – Properties and Uses

Frangible material comprises of a permanent adhesive with a very high initial tack combined with an incredibly thin PVC or PE face material. It breaks into tiny fragments like eggshell when tampered with. Clean removal from a carton is not possible with this material, which is why it is recommended for FMD labels in the pharmaceutical industry. A frangible label cannot be removed in one piece and re-used on another carton.

Neat and fast over-labelling of blister packs; Our specialist range of materials allow tablets and capsules to easily break through – removing the need for bespoke cutters and precise application. Our labels can be printed with silver to better match foil. Please ask us for a small roll of samples to try.


Please don’t hesitate to get it touch and let CV provide your labelling solution and expert advice. We would be delighted to have a discussion as a starting point for your frangible label project