Nutritional, Nutraceutical and OTC Labels

As the supplement, nutraceuticals, and OTC industries become more highly regulated, we can offer the exacting standard of pharmaceutical labels for your product. When labels serve not just to display clear ingredients and instructions for use, but to promote and market your product, then we can offer first-class print and colour consistency. All labels are inspected by our FleyeVision inspection camera systems, and EYEC comparison software. We can manage multiple languages and edits/ SKUs, ensuring there is no cross-contamination between strengths, flavours, or markets. Every label is given a unique code, which appears on the plate. By choosing CV you are choosing quality, assurance, and experience for your product.

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Considerations when developing a label:

  • Design to convey quality – our in-house studio can advise on what will successfully translate from design to print in regards to colour, finishes and text/ coding

  • Our studio will design your label to perfectly fit and compliment your product

  • If there is lots of text such as ingredients and languages, consider peel and read

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Key Features of CV Labels

Manufactured to PS9000

Regular customer audits

Part or fully printed

Quality checked with our FleyeVision camera systems

Expert in-house studio

Specialist materials for a perfect finish

31 years experience

Sustainable and recyclable materials