Patient safety is paramount. Quality defects resulting from packaging errors continue to be one of the principal reasons for product recalls.

CV Labels is certified to PS 9000:2016. This application standard was developed by the Pharmaceutical Quality Group, of which CV Labels is a member, for the manufacture of packaging materials for medicinal products. PS9000 ensures packaging is fit for purpose and safe to use. We have held this accreditation since 2008. It is relevant to all parts of the pharmaceutical industry supply chain.

PS9000 is your assurance that the label solutions we deliver will minimise risk to you and your patients through our commitment to:

  • Quality control – Clear implementation of practices across our production process.
  • Increased print and product inspection – Our automated FleyeVision inspection camera system and EYE-C comparative software ensure a higher level of assurance at every stage of label manufacture.
  • Responsibilities – Each staff member is GMP trained and given responsibility for the quality procedures in their role.
  • Good Manufacturing Practise – Ensures materials are of appropriate quality, and that checking, traceability, contamination/segregation, and hygiene procedures are followed.
  • Risk management– Our structured approach ensures effective controls and mitigation activities are detailed, eliminating or reducing potential issues.
  • Compliance – Production and quality documentation is always available and used to support regulatory compliance.
  • 6 Monthly audits by BSI – Plus regular audits by our customers.
  • Continuous improvement and investment – We listen to our customers when reviewing and enhancing our processes and products.