Inspection Equipment

To ensure our processes provide the highest quality labels, we have invested in advanced EyeC Proofiler PDF proof readersand fleyeVision inspection camera systems to ensure every label is accurately verified, from the initial proofs through to the print process.

EyeC Proofiler

The EyeC Proofiler combines the power of intelligent software with the performance of a high-resolution scanner. The inspection system digitally compares the scanned samples against the signed-off proof (typically, a PDF file).

The operator can easily check deviations and make sure the sample’s quality complies with requirements. The inspection is simple, fast, impartial and reproducible, with results fully documented for perfect traceability.


The fleyeVision system uses line scan technology to detect print errors, such as scratches, text irregularities, ink blobs, registration shifts and colour variations. It is also capable of inspecting reflective foils and holograms.