UL Certification

CV Labels are proud of their UL Certification, UL are one of the most recognised, independent conformity assessment providers in the world.

During testing, labels are exposed to various environmental conditions, such as high humidity, water, high and low temperatures, sunlight and chemical agents.

For a label to be certified, it must pass four primary test components:

  • Visual examination, to ensure there is no edge lift
  • Legibility, to ensure there is no print or ribbon smear
  • Defacement, to ensure there is no abrasion or edge lift when the label is scraped with a blade
  • Adhesion, to ensure that there is no peel when exposed to varying extreme conditions

CV labels manufactures self-adhesive labels under UL Licence  No MH27869.
Product codes PGDQ2, PGDQ8, PGJ12 and PGJ18 are included in the scope of the present licence.

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Quality in the wider world

Our UL certification extends into growing label markets where there are thousands of applications requiring permanent marking or labelling – from electrical appliances to safety equipment.

Typically, this could include safety-related information, such as hazards, warnings and cautions, along with installation instructions, product classifications and electrical ratings.

Access our UL certifications here.