Welcome to the next in our series of newsletters focusing on the technical and specialist labels that CV Labels can supply. This month we look at lightweight solutions for labelling products with a very small diameter, such as vials, ampoules or syringes.

A standard label facestock is 80gsm, which gives ultimate coverage and strength. However, when the diameter of a product is very small and is made from a highly siliconised plastic, a standard label can often lift away at the corners, often referred to as ‘winging’.

Using a lighter weight of paper, with an aggressive adhesive can eliminate this winging.

At CV Labels we have the experience and technical knowledge to source and effectively convert specialist lightweight materials into labels that are bespoke to our customers’ needs. We can source materials that will remain fixed on tight diameter products whilst also enduring extreme temperatures and sterilisation processes. We can produce fully printed labels, inspected by our FleyeVision inspection camera systems, and comparison software, or plain labels suitable for customer printing.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with your label challenge. We would value the chance to work towards a solution with you.