CV Labels’ experience and expertise is regularly requested to provide customised labelling solutions for a wide range of manufacturers in other sectors, such as food, drink, cosmetics and personal care, across the UK.

Specialist food and drink labelling

The food and drink industry is carefully monitored, and we are often approached to produce specialist labels that meet the recognised standards for this industry.

As well as our reputation for service, accuracy and on-time delivery, you can take advantage of our various specialist food labelling services, such as:

  • Duty stamps with excised duty stamp number in UV fluorescent varnish
  • Multi-language labels
  • Foiling and print on high quality papers
  • Custom-cut bottle labels to any shape

In this fast-paced sector, you can rely on us to provide the right labels, at the right price, at the right time.

Tags and Metal Detectable Tagssato-detail

To meet the needs of our customers across a number of industries CV Labels offer a range of bespoke non-adhesive tag solutions.

These products have a number of different applications in industries such as:-

  • Medical and Clinical Trials
  • Meat and Seafood
  • Retail and Marketing
  • Warehousing and Logistics

CV Labels supply tailored solutions based on our customers’ requirements. This includes a range of unique sizes, designs and information.

Metal Detectable Tags

The meat and seafood industry is highly regulated, we have the expertise and skills to produce specialist tags and labels that meet the recognised standards for this industry.

Our Metal Detectable Tags are particularly useful for identification in the latter stages of the production process.

Durable Tags

Similar to the metal detectable tags, CV Labels can also produce Durable Tags, and these can be designed to any shape or size, and can be produced for a wide range of applications.

Produced in a variety of colours, these Tags are also designed for overprinting either by Thermal Transfer, Direct Thermal or Marker Pen.

Cosmetics and personal care


Similar to pharmaceutical products, the cosmetic and personal care industry requires labels that are hardwearing and contain a lot of important information. But in this competitive industry, they also need to stand out from the crowd, with labels that look as glamorous as their products.

We have the technical expertise and quality management systems to manufacture and supply a complete range of labels from plain die-cut labels to full-colour process, in a variety of materials.  Whatever your brand requirements, CV Labels has the solution.

Computers and electrical goods

It is vital from a safety point of view that labels for computers and domestic electrical products such as kettles and toasters are able to withstand the range of environmental conditions they are exposed to such as high humidity, water, high and low temperatures, sunlight and chemical agents.

Our UL certification ensures that our solutions meet these stringent requirements and keep the users safe.