Welcome to the second in our new series of newsletters promoting some of the specialist labels we can supply from our PS9000 accredited facility.

Tamper-Evident Seals – Pharmaceutical Labelling Solutions to ensure Safety for Patients.

To comply with the FMD, introduced in February 2019, the MHRA state that all medicines should be sealed with a tamper-evident label. Tamper-evident seals are commonly clear or semi-transparent, and manufactured from PP or PE. They use an extremely aggressive and long-lasting adhesive. An effective seal will lift the top layers of a carton off when removal is attempted or leave permanent residue to clearly show a seal has been present.

We are very proud of our extensive development work on tamper evident seals, which we have been supplying since 2017 as part of the FMD pilot scheme. Our technical knowledge and collaborative approach with our customers has resulted in a vast array of bespoke, effective and compliant solutions. We supply tens of millions of MHRA-approved seals every month, many applied automatically by our customers at speed. Our seals both deter and report tampering, with many tailored features such as:

  • UV varnish for detection
  • Consecutive numbering or registration marks to aid reconciliation
  • Security cuts to increase tearing and leave label residue
  • Specialist material which leaves the word VOID as permanent residue when removed
  • Semi-transparent print for logos or orientation markings
  • Completely opaque/ blinding seals
Do you have questions on tamper-evident seals or any other labelling issues? Please do not hesitate to get in touch. We would be delighted to offer tried and tested advice, and help you reach a bespoke solution for your business.