Welcome to another newsletter from CV Labels. This month we look at how we are working together with our trusted suppliers and customers to improve sustainability.

The majority of our customers are pharmaceutical companies, so label performance, consistency, traceability and accuracy of print have always been our main points of focus. However we have seen an increase in customers adding sustainability to their list of concerns.

CV Labels are helping customers move closer to their sustainability goals by:

  • Reducing the volume of plastics used with thinner and lighter materials
  • Offering new innovative, renewable, wood-based PP and PE
  • Providing material options that enhance recyclability, such as labels with washable adhesive, or that are made from recycled post-consumer waste
  • Using suppliers that manufacture with certified fibres (such as FSC)
  • Supplying labels with easily recyclable liner – and promoting our suppliers’ circular recycling schemes

In addition to this, we constantly strive to reduce waste and inefficiency in our factory as part of working to the PS9000 standard. All our cardboard is recycled, as are our plastic cores, which our customers may return to us. As with all aspects of the business, we are always looking for further ways to improve.

Please get in touch to book a discussion about what options are available, and to request samples of materials.